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Tuesday, February 19, 2002 :::
GB 301 and CS 360
Well the last two weeks have been practically devoted to the GB 301 Opportunity Analysis and my CS 360 project. Today I finally passed in the last project and now I'm feeling so much better. Last Friday I went shopping down in Providence with my girlfriends. We had such a blast and we bought so much stuff! It was seriously the biggest mall I've ever been in! There were 5 endless stories of stores and restaraunts. Saturday I took a trip home to visit my grandmother in the hospital. She's doing better now, however, she has to have open heart surgery :( But overall, the day was good and I got to spend some time with my mom. I love long weekends!! Next weekend I'm going to Loon Mountain with my dad to ski. I'm really excited! As long as I can make it through the week with all this work :)

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The inside story on my busy busy life.

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