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Thursday, February 07, 2002 :::
Whatta Week
It seems like I never have time during the week to do anything and the weekends come so fast and leave so fast! This week I had a dance performance on Monday. We danced at the boys and girls basketball games. I've also had at least 2 meetings a day and yesterday I had 5 meetings! My last one got over at 1:30 in the morning! My CS group has a presentation today so we were up preparing last night. Tuesday I went to the Patriots parade in Boston. It was such a blast! There were so many people and everyone was in good spirits! It was definitely a day to remember! Today I had to get up at 8 because I had a doctor's appointment. I was suppose to go skiing again this Saturday at Attitash. However, the dance team is performing on Saturday and I can't miss it. Sunday I'm going home to play in a volleyball tournament in my home town. Hopefully my team will come in first place so I can win some money!!! Anyway, this week is definitely a busy one...but like I've said before, I love staying busy!!!

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Sunday, February 03, 2002 :::
That was definitely the best game of football I have ever seen! I'm not a big football fan in general. However, I'm totally true to all Boston teams and love when they make it to championship games. I watched the game down the hall with lots of friends. We ate too much and cheered the Pats on to victory!!! Whatta a great night! Earlier today I went up to Manchester to meet my mom and pick up lots of food and stuff she had for me. She treated me to an enormous lunch and bought me lots of stuff at the mall. Today was definitely the greatest day!!!!

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The inside story on my busy busy life.

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