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Saturday, February 02, 2002 :::

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Ski Killington
Today I went up to Killington with the Ski and Snowboard Club. We had such a good time! It was a little windy and cold, but overall I thought it wasn't too bad. However, before I got to take one run, someone stole my ski poles! I was pretty bummed, but just glad that I still had my skies!!!! I skied all day with my good friend Luke who also goes to Bentley. It was a little rough having to be ready for the bus by 6 in the morning. But once we were on the bus, I slept the entire way.
Last night our 10 O'Clock Madness event went really well! Everyone that went seemed to have a really good time. We were all laughing and doing embarassing stuff. It was a lot of fun. The team that won the grand prize of a night in a navigator limo and dinner in Boston ended up being some friends of mine that live upstairs. Can't wait to go to sleep tonight! Gotta be up nice and early tomorrow for the SuperBowl. GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!

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Friday, February 01, 2002 :::
10 O'Clock Madness
Tonight is the big night! It's the first event sponsored by Junior Class Cabinet. We are hosting 10 O'Clock Madness which is an event down at the Dana Center where teams compete against each other to win a stretch navigator limo for the night and free dinner! Along the way lots of people can win other prizes. It's going to be so much fun! Today we have to go out and buy all the stuff for the competitions and then we have to set up the gym and run through it. I also had my first meeting with the Study Abroad office. I met with an advisor to discuss the London Summer Abroad Internship. I have to start the application process soon so I don't miss any deadlines. I'm really excited about that. By going abroad over the summer, I won't miss a semester at Bentley, but I'll still get the experience of living abroad. Also, I'll get to have an Internship and start gaining experience for my job! Tomorrow I'm heading up north to go skiing for the day with the Ski and Snowboard Club. Think snow!!!!

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Thursday, January 31, 2002 :::
Hi, my name is Stacy Bailey. I am currently a junior at Bentley College in Waltham, MA. This is my "Busy Busy Bee" blogger. Throughout my Web Design class I will be posting entries to my blogger about my life at Bentley College. This semester is going to be the hardest yet! So I thought that it would be good to keep track of my schedule on my blogger. While my school work will keep me plenty busy, I have many other interests and I participate in lots of activities at Bentley. This semester I am chair of the Junior Class Cabinet. We put together activities for the junior class to promote class spirit and bring us together as a class. I am also the Vice President of HCAB in Orchard North/South. We plan events for the residents of both dorms just to help us feel united. I am also on the Dance Team which performs at most of the girls/boys basketball games. We also have some other performances coming up this semester! I really enjoy skiing and am a member of the Ski and Snowboard Club. We just returned from a week long ski trip over winter break and have lots of other trips planned. I also am a member of Circle K, which is a group that does community service projects for Bentley, as well as local organizations. As you can see, I like to stay busy! This semester is sure to be both busy and extremely fun! Check into my blogger to see whats going on in my life!

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